The Schiffli Lace and Embroidery Manufacturers

The North Hudson Corridor Embroidery Industry (NHCEI) continues to produce over 70% of the nation's embroidery output. This unique industry has a long and proud history. It's products range from the delicately crafted lace and embroidery that adorns lingerie and dresses to towels, sheets, curtains, tablecloths, patches, logos and much more.
The NHCEI generates approximately 300 million dollars of gross revenues annually as well as an extra 40 to 50 million dollars from specialized lace manufacturing operations. There are presently between 3500 to 4000 people employed in the NHCEI of which about 85% are full time. The union that represented the embroidery workers in the NHCEI was the United Textile Workers of America - Local 211 located in Palisades Park, New Jersey. It represented workers in this industry since 1953. Recently it merged with the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union which now has over one million members.

What contributes to the vitality of the NHCEI is its the close proximity to the Manhattan Garment Center and other local markets and its ability to provide very fast turn arounds for orders.